"What you want might make you cry and what you need might pass you by. And what you need ironically will turn out to be what you want if you just let it." - Lauren Hill

Crucita Torres

Chicago-born Crucita Torres, started her career in New York City in computer repair and network management. She began working at an architecture firm in the city and developed a love for design that propelled her to study graphic design. After relocating to Houston in 2005, she became Inventure Design’s Office Manager. 

A passion for health and wellness sent Crucita in a new direction in 2010, and she became a licensed therapist and built her own business. With a substantial client base under her belt, Crucita rejoined the Inventure family in 2018 to assist in the overall operations of the organization. Crucita is always willing to lend a hand and share her love for research, history, and wellness.

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