“I joined Inventure only to play centerfield on the company baseball team. 20 years later and we still don’t have a team.”

Michael Kopecky


Michael Kopecky, Principal and University of Texas Arlington alumnus, appreciates the construction and complexity of design. Michael’s expertise stems from his ability to research. He believes that, “You have to take on that next challenge, to step-up and be resourceful.” He is a problem-solver with a discerning eye, a fine-tuned aesthetic sensibility and an invaluable resource for project details.

Michael thrives on the challenges of custom design and understands its eclectic nature. He becomes what the client needs and wants, spanning from traditional to modern design. As quality controller, Michael surveys all working drawings that issue from our office, reviewing every detail to uphold our standards of excellence. To adhere to these standards, Michael works closely with other professionals on the job site. He  is determined to ensure consistent design throughout construction and embraces each project and client as unique. The value of this attention is reflected in a more timely, economical and successful project.

Michael is a University of Texas at Arlington alumnus and a member of the Texas Society of Architects.

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