“I am not one to be complacent and am always up for a good challenge.”

Michelle Chapman


Michelle Chapman, an Art Institute of Houston alumna, has a passion for design and enjoys the collaborative aspects of it with her fellow designers and clients. Michelle’s philosophy is to solidify relationships within the team and with her clients. “Good relationships make a happy client and team, which in turn produces a good design solution.”

“I am constantly busying myself with industry events or continuing education courses, and I feel that my clients reap the benefits,” Michelle says. “I am not one to be complacent and am always up for a good challenge.” 

Having previous managerial experience, Michelle values inner-office relationships and applies her management experience to every project. As team lead in Inventure Design’s Nashville office, Michelle focuses on growing the firm’s presence in the eastern market. She puts all of her energy into getting projects completed and making sure the client is always her first priority.

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