“Design is thinking made visual.”-Saul Bass

Michelle Richardson

Senior Associate - Chief Visualization Director

Michelle Richardson, a University of Louisiana at Lafayette alumna, is a technologically advanced registered Interior Designer specializing in healthcare and corporate design. Her expertise centers on computer graphics, 3D and 4D imaging. Michelle believes that sophisticated imaging is a significant aspect of design that offers the clients a unique preview of the project. Michelle says, ‘Multi-Dimensional graphics provide a type of living, breathing puzzle that I am able to solve and rework towards the best interest of the client.” This preview allows the team and the client to problem solve earlier in development, thus streamlining the process.

Her visual experience in creating Multi-Dimensional graphics helps lend her a keen eye for photography, which she also performs for the firm on completed projects. Michelle enjoys collaborating with the corporate and healthcare teams as well as with our graphics department. Her involvement on projects from inception to completion creates an overall sense of synergy for the team and the client.

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