“Design is thinking made visual.”-Saul Bass

Michelle Richardson

Senior Associate - Chief Visualization Director

Louisiana native Michelle Richardson earned her Interior Design degree from the University of Louisiana at Layfette before moving to Houston and joining Inventure Design. She is a technology-advanced registered interior designer who brings art to her work. Along with her passion for interior design, Michelle is known for her visual expertise. She uses her technology and visualization prowess to contribute throughout the project lifecycle, creating an overall sense of synergy for the team as well as the client. 

As Chief Visualization Director, Michelle firmly believes that sophisticated imaging is an integral aspect of design that offers the client a unqiue preview of the project. “Design challenges provide a kind of living, breathing puzzle that I am able to help rework towards the best interest of the client,” she says. This preview allows the team and the client to problem solve earlier in development, thus streamlining the process. 

On top of her other roles, Michelle is the in-house photographer. With a keen eye for photography, Michelle is able to capture the firm’s completed projects in a way that showcases the ingenuity and innovative design of each project. 

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