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Gull Industries

This small office building was designed within a mixed-use area in Houston. With a blend of residential and industrial sites surrounding the neighborhood, creating a building that would fit into its surroundings was the project's primary aesthetic challenge. The client requested a new office space for their manufacturing and metal coating division on the neighboring lot while paying attention to the surrounding residential neighborhood and the re-gentrification of the area.

With that in mind, we approached the design as a townhouse, with  large open-concept workstations on the ground floor and upper floor, functioning as the office space for the ownership and management group. Given the location of the property, sun exposure was of great concern for the building, so the shade devices and slatted railings on the required stairs were designed to allow for natural light to flood the space without causing major heat or glare issues on the interior of the building. The result was a residentially appealing and industrially functional space.

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