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Toyota Center 1510 Reserve Suite

Inventure Design worked closely with the Houston Rockets to create a new offering for patrons of the Toyota Center. The team created a large concept suite that housed several individual theater boxes with access to a community lounge.

To increase sales, the team compiled a plan to provide small groupings of 4-6 seat sets that included entertainment, food and amenities that weren't previously available in the original large suites. The space is centered by a linear bar with views to the court and stage. Inventure designed a raised banquette seating area for an intimate and elevated view of the action below.

Drawing inspiration from the Houston Rockets, Inventure created a scheme centered around the ring in the logo. This effect is incorporated into the suite's flooring to draw you through the entire space. The concept continues onto the ceiling and soars up from the entry to enhance the openness of the suite and encourage movement. At its midpoint, the ceiling opens up to mimic the action of the court and the stage as it lifts toward the center.

The suite is visible upon entry into the Toyota Center and serves to provide an energized modern element to the arena by utilizing enticing lighting and glass entryways.

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