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Cemex, a global building materials company, selected Inventure Design to design their expansive new office interiors in Houston, Texas. The space needed to possess many elements, including brand reiteration, reduced hierarchy, conference and huddle rooms throughout and a tour path for visitors. The most challenging design element was uniting multiple floors through an internal staircase installation. The space is open and bright, yet still provides privacy. All private offices have some glass components, and office groupings are interrupted by workstations to bring light further into the space. Inventure Design used a white and gray color scheme, integrating occasional accent colors to create energy and vibrancy. Exposed concrete floors, textural stone details, wood elements, and polished surfaces were used to further emphasize brand identity. 
Sustainability is a key pillar of Cemex’s values and played a large role in the design of the space.   Inventure used sustainable materials throughout, and utilized refurbished furniture where possible. Cemex is currently pursuing LEED certification.

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