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Energy Transfer Partners

Inventure Design worked with Energy Transfer Partners to redesign their first floor security desk, create display cases for their extensive historical archives and provide an interesting solution for lobby seating. The goal of the project was to design each piece in such a way that it blended with the existing architecture while still standing as a showpiece for the lobby.

The security desk not only needed to be a beautiful focal point for the building entrance, but also provide functionality and organization for the security team.  Notable characteristics are the hand-picked Calacatta Gold Marble and the backlight blue cube that acts as a beacon for the three main entrances of the building.  

The display cases were designed to highlight a rotating collection of pieces for visitors and employees to enjoy. Each case was clad in mahogany veneer, tying them back to the existing lobby paneling.  Mirrored blue glass was also introduced to coordinate with the corporate logo.  Lobby seating was achieved by a custom pipe bench, designed to mirror the milestone pipe sections displayed in the lobby and to symbolize the company’s business.  

 Additionally, Inventure Design completely renovated 2 full-floors in the 1955 bank building as part of Energy Transfer’s corporate consolidation.  The plans for each floor were developed to suit the needs of the Operations Group that was relocating, while ensuring that the floor plates maximized real estate.  Different teams within the group required connectivity while others needed complete separation while also having a common break and conferencing area.  Unique challenges to maintain the design and function came during construction as layers of past renovations and vintage construction were uncovered.

 The finish palette was developed in coordination with Energy Transfer Partners’ finish standards.  Window film and graphic wallcovering were utilized as way-finding and to add life to interior office spaces. The design for level 2 + 3 sustains fluidity with the rest of the building.  

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