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Freeport LNG Expansion

The Freeport LNG expansion projects combined the existing design with a fresh new look. The original Level 50 Suite was expanded to encapsulate the entire penthouse floor. New perimeter offices with high windows allow for daylight to reach the open work areas. The new centralized break room creates a large meeting area for all major activities. In addition, an executive conference room was also designed.

The Level 43 Suite was designed to link the two floors together. At the entry, dark wood projects into the main hallway and mimics the wood paneling at Level 50′s reception. Level 43 utilizes high windows to allow daylight to enter the whole workspace. It also has a centralized break room; however, this break room is vitally broken into three huddle zones: the kitchen, the lounge area and an open conference room. The rest of the space opens to a workstation area that has a rendering across the entire back wall of their terminal port in Freeport.

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