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Marine Well Containment Company

This deepwater emergency response company needed a space to serve as a headquarters and main operations center. It required the ability to test, train and respond to events. The design needed to mirror the readiness aspect of the company, including integration of full audio and video conference capabilities within all conference rooms and the operations center. The operations center was also planned with the ability to adapt to different needs and uses of the space. It can handle up to 80 operators for an emergency drill, or the room can be divided into smaller groups for daily conference meetings.

In addition to the focus on practicality, preparedness and mobility within the design, the aesthetics plays off of MWCC being an underwater based business. The aqua theme is prevalent throughout the reception area, which features a 10’ high by 16’ wide bubble wall. The privacy film on the office exteriors features images of offshore drilling rigs while subtle punches of blue from their logo are incorporated throughout the space.

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