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Patterson + Sheridan

This law firm, specializing in contract law, needed to transition into a more open and light feeling space from their old offices. Taking cues from offices in California, the owner requested that all employees work on a single floor, with transparency being a key factor.

To entice interns to sign-on as full time employees and increase overall retention, Patterson + Sheridan installed new furniture with height adjustable desks, created breakout spaces for collaboration and placed the break room along the exterior windows for city views.

The desired open and visibility design effect was achieved by installing an all DIRTT solution. DIRTT glass fronts, clear-story windows and sidelights between offices attributed to a bright and vibrant work area. DIRTT walls in the breakout area integrated marker boards and TV's, giving the firm flexibility to reconfigure the space as needed.

Reducing the size of each office resulted in a smaller footprint. The DIRTT wall system allows the firm to adjust the office sizes in the future, as needed. The overall palette was kept neutral with pops of color and contrasting dark wood, giving the space a modern yet professional feel.

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