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TopSpot Marketing

This young, energetic internet marketing company wanted a contemporary conceptualized space. Engaging the existing atrium within the building, the design used the core to diffuse natural daylight throughout the workspace. This allowed for employees to have natural daylight surrounding them from both the interior and exterior of the building.

The huddle areas were a major component to programming the space. By defining collaborative zones dispersed throughout the space, it created a hierarchy of design elements. These areas ranged from lounge seating and bar height tables to specialized huddle rooms with sit-stand capabilities.

With a relaxing lounge feel intended to invite people into the space, the break room acts as a central hub of activity. From an integrated power raceway next to the banquettes, to open lounge seating at the central core, the break room allows for mixed-use activity.

The entire space was designed to allow for any user to be able to plug-in and collaborate from any location. Recognized in the Houston Business Journal’s 2015 Coolest Office Spaces in Houston, the firm has plans to expand their current space as it continues to grow.

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