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M.D. Anderson Cancer Prevention Building

This state-of-the-art facility focused on cancer prevention, clinical screening and research. The building contained 380,000 sf of floor area, including offices, conference spaces, clinical spaces, material management systems for the campus, a bistro food services facility and an auditorium/conference center for 350 guests. This project included a Behavioral Medicine Clinic with consult rooms for clinical trials and 8 smoking cessation labs. Offices included administrators, physicians, faculty, counselors and graduate students. Siting spaces included the necessary provisions and site access for autos, service, delivery trucks and pedestrians. Site planning was coordinated with the design efforts for a major new parking garage.

The building adjoined the new Ambulatory Clinical Building, a 700,000 sf facility. Together, they formed the first two phases of a two million sf campus connected to the main hospital by air conditioned pedestrian bridges. The focus of the building was truly unique; incorporation of consumer education, medical screening and clinical monitoring of pre-cancerous conditions, sophisticated imaging modalities and space for health professionals specialized in epidemiology, biostatistics, behavior modification and health consumer education. Combined with this was a large multi-media conference center for both in-house and community use.

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