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Texas A&M Health Science Center

When Texas A&M University approached our firm, we were honored to be a part of their ground-breaking Studies Center project. This project was compromised of two separate facilities that were physically linked in build-form and united in purpose. The Medical Research & Education Building coupled with the Health Professions Education Center were the first two buildings in Bryan, TX that established HSC commitment to pursue medical arts and nursing instruction. They branded an emerging program and were purposefully built with an expansive and flexible design. This prepared the center to open on budget, on time and still be acceptable for the robust growth in the program. The new Health Science Center was a campus in a forest; a pleasant, peaceful, comfortable place that inspired a healing environment. The campus portrayed an image of technology, yet preserved the natural environment, promoting a perception of safety, intimacy and friendliness. As a medical and academic destination, the campus was a flexible, collaborative, translational environment. It reflected “a lifetime of learning” with synergy, energy, momentum and possibilities.

*Completed with FKP Architects

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