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Iki Japan

The concept behind Iki Japan, a high-end retail store, was to create a luxury shopping experience that used all five senses to make customers feel like they had stepped inside and travelled to Japan. Located in the Houston Galleria, the store is approximately 2,000 square feet in size and contains hundreds of unique items, all expertly crafted in Japan, from elegant ebony chopsticks to stunning hammered metal plates. 

The design firm behind the project, Inventure Design, worked with the client to learn and imitate Japanese architecture, giving the store an authentic feel in order to properly display each of its handcrafted items. The lead architect drew inspiration from the client’s personal collection of distinctive Japanese products to take his idea and bring it to life. The use of 3-D visualization helped the rest of the project team, including the client, millwork consultants, and general contractor, fully comprehend the final vision and make it a reality. With this technology and high level of collaboration, the team was able to overcome challenges such as constructing a complicated storefront to replicate doors found in a Japanese village. 

Inventure Design also provided Visual Communication services on the project, including graphic design, signage, and video editing to enhance the atmosphere. The lead graphic designer incorporated iPads throughout the store with videos going into detail on the technique behind the craftsmanship of certain products, educating customers on the origin and artistry, showcasing how Iki Japan is a celebration of details, beauty, and sophistication. 


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