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RIDE Indoor Cycling

RIDE Indoor Cycling, originating in Austin, Texas, has expanded their presence into the Historic Houston Heights. Keeping with their culture, the studio presents a modern and clean design with custom graphics and changing LED light fixtures. The space is adjacent to a yoga studio, so sound isolation and acoustics played an important role in the design of the ceiling and walls. Although it was only 2,100 sf, design and construction encountered many obstacles throughout the life-cycle of the project. Our team worked with the City of Houston to establish the required number of parking places and design two ADA compliant restrooms and one ADA compliant shower room without compromising usable square footage for the spin room and reception area. Other unforeseen obstacles included adding exterior HVAC and electrical equipment and patching major leaks in the existing roof and storefront. Through dedication to the project and consistent interaction with the client, the RIDE space was successfully completed. The trendy studio has flourished since its opening, adding a cutting-edge retail component to our expansive portfolio.

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