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Wood Group Mustang

Working from a plan proposed by another architect, Inventure Design teamed with Wood Group Mustang to maximize the layout of the new reception area, access to the training room and entry to the cafeteria and coffee shop. Upon study, we proposed relocating the reception desk and changing the entry to the cafeteria to preserve the building's security and increase employee circulation. An additional corridor was added to allow direct access to the new training rooms from the lobby reception area. Based on the traffic flow from the other buildings in the complex, the formal entry was relocated to the south side of the building.

The color palette incorporated the colors of the Wood Group Mustang logo, creating a clean space with vibrant accents of color. Brightly painted walls allow the light to travel into the dining area and colored panels in the ceiling add drama and noise reduction to the space.

The coffee bar was designed to be reminiscent of a neighborhood coffee shop and the warm color palette gives the space a calm, comfortable feel.

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